Rampage by James M. Scott

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Rampage:

You’ll cancel your hibachi reservation after reading this.

Quick synopsis:

Story of the battle of Manila in World War II.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

Nothing “fun” about this subject matter. More people were killed in the Battle of Manila than in the Battle of Britain.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

This book makes you realize just how much pure evil existed in the Axis powers. Americans are very familiar with the Holocaust and Pearl Harbor, but the Rape of Nanking and the Battle of Manila are proof WWII Japan could be just as bad.

My Take on Rampage:

This is a great story which is well written on an important subject. But holy hell, this makes for some vicious reading.

Scott does an excellent job of setting the stage for the battle. He gives a very balanced understanding of MacArthur and Yamashita, the two generals battling it out. He puts the battle in perspective of the war and sets the stakes.

When the battle begins, he takes us into the walls of some POW camps and chronicles the terrible conditions which left many starving to death.

Then it gets really disgusting. The Japanese massacre of soldiers and civilians alike seems to go on forever in the middle of the book. Scott does not shy away from the brutal depiction of the atrocities committed. As a reader, you start to wonder if all the stories are needed in the book and by the end you understand the need to understand the scope of the death and destruction. It’s important for the stories to be told.


Amazing book which is quite lengthy but doesn’t feel that way. Not for the squeamish because it is quite brutal but honest depiction of a vicious battle. Buy it here!

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Rampage by James M. Scott
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