About History Nerds United

Why create a history nerds website?

Because it wasn’t there. Because I have historical pontifications yearning to breathe free.

Very often, I find myself with very smart people. People who have done wonderful, complicated, amazing things. Then I make a history joke:

Them: “Brendan, what do you have against marathons?”

Me: “Well the first guy who ran one immediately died, so that’s enough for me.”


Now for those who love history like me, this is comedic GOLD. Unfortunately, we are few and far between. 

This is my gift (or punishment, your call) to other history nerds like me. This site is the place to find people who get those ridiculously funny but totally underappreciated history jokes. This is a place for people who read Alexander Hamilton before it was a play. This is also for anyone who wants recommendations on books but absolutely does not trust a website algorithm. This is also a place to get a non-scholarly but honest review of history books, movies, TV shows, and anything else under the sun we want to classify as history.

Because let’s be honest, if you base a purchase solely on Amazon reviews, you are truly running a dangerous gambit.

Bring your nerdy history thoughts here. That’s why this site exists. To let our History Nerds flag fly. Share reviews, ask for recommendations, or just muse about something rattling around in that head of yours. History Nerds Unite!

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