Hunting Eichmann by Neal Bascomb

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline:

Nothing better than hanging Nazis!

Quick synopsis:

Story of the hunt for Adolf Eichmann in Argentina after World War II.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

When General Patton (renowned tough guy) first walked into a concentration camp, he threw up.

Also, there are people today who believe the Holocaust did not happen. These people are called, “Holocaust Deniers” but can also be called idiots.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Argentina really loved Nazis. Bascomb explains why so many former Nazis ended up there are World War II. Also, the Catholic Church helped. That will make mass weird this Sunday.

My Take:

Listen, it’s always a good book when the bad guy gets his in the end, but Bascomb still does a great job with the story.

The story takes you through Eichmann’s escape from Germany as the Allies invaded (U!S!A! U!S!A!). Bascomb keeps the introductions relatively short but still gives you enough to understand Eichmann as much as any psychopath can be understood. The story then starts to focus on the new nation of Israel and the personnel chosen for this crazy mission. It’s like Argo only a Nazi gets hung at the end.

Bascomb keeps the story pretty lean but does give the reader the sense of how easily things could go wrong at any time. Since this is a well-known story of how it ends, it’s important for whoever is reading it to care about the details. If you want a Tom Clancy novel which has only the exciting parts, then this may bog down a bit.


Fun and fast book which will be especially good for spying and espionage fans. Buy it here!

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Hunting Eichmann by Neal Bascomb
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