The 1998 Yankees by Jack Curry

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for The 1998 Yankees:

They are the greatest. Period, done.

Quick synopsis:

The story of the greatest baseball team of all time, the 1998 Yankees.

Fact for Non-History People:

The Yankees outscored their opponents by 309 runs. If you aren’t a baseball fan, trust me, that’s insane. It was the highest since the 1939 Yankees.

Fact for History Nerds:

The team was 120-1 when they had a lead after 8 innings.

My Take on The 1998 Yankees:

I suppose I should make a disclaimer before I begin my review. I was born a Yankee fan in 1982 and have been a rabid one every since. Growing up, the Yankees were terrible. The 1996 team was great but 1998 was when people started calling you a “bandwagon” fan because it was the start of a true dynasty. This is all to say that yes, of course I am biased before I even opened this book. If it was about the Red Sox, I wouldn’t even open it. But this is about my favorite team of all time and written by one of my favorite baseball reporters.

Of course I loved this book. Jack Curry recounts the magical baseball season of 1998 when the Yankees were crowned the greatest team of all time. Curry gets a bunch of fun insights from the team and it was a great walk down memory lane. I would say that all of my disclaimers should not obscure the fact that Curry knows how to tell a story. Each chapter looks at a few players and how they came to be a part of a bigger puzzle. Putting aside my fandom, I wondered if someone who knew nothing about this team would get as much out of it as I would. Considering Curry reminded me of multiple players who I barely remember, I would have to say yes. Everyone gets a chance to shine and their contributions are noted. Importantly, Curry never misses a beat in explaining how this team climbed the proverbial mountain. If you like baseball, it’s got to be on your shelf.

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