A Storm of Witchcraft by Emerson Baker

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for A Storm of Witchcraft:

The same type of thinking which led us to anti-vaxxers!

Quick synopsis:

The Salem Witch Trials. Literally every American knows this one.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

Still one of the most badass examples of what we now know as “pleading the fifth.” Giles Corey, who was being forced to give evidence, was pressed by stones until he complied. When asked if he would, he would only reply, “more weight.” He died under the stones. If you have to go, make it epic.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Still, to this day, not all of the victims are exonerated. Probably a moot point and all, but still. Come on, Massachusetts. Wicked uncool.

My Take on A Storm of Witchcraft:

Yeah, I’m just kind of over the Salem Witch Trials.

I get it, it’s a perfect metaphor whenever you want to point to something not based on fact but on hysteria and misinformation. Lord knows that is a thing lately. However, it seems like this particular point in history is consistently analyzed to death. Is it an example of the effect of toxic masculinity? Feminism trying to work within the bounds of the time? Pure greed and murder?

The history is the history and I think the entire thing has been mined to death. Baker’s book is certainly not “bad” by any means. If you know nothing about this (how is that even possible?) then it is a great look at it. He covers all the bases and explains his point of view. I guess I am just burned out on the jerks in Massachusetts being self-centered narcissists. Thank God that all changed!

I’m just kidding! Mostly!


The book is good. It’s not the author’s fault I am sick of all the theorizing. Buy it here!

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