Watchmaker and Author Rebecca Struthers joins the podcast!

Let’s keep time! Watchmaker and author Rebecca Struthers joins the podcast to talk her book Hands of Time: A Watchmaker’s History. We also talk about watchmaking and jolly old England. Come listen!

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2 responses to “Watchmaker and Author Rebecca Struthers joins the podcast!”

  1. Vanessa Miller Avatar
    Vanessa Miller

    Another excellent podcast, Brendan! Rebecca Struthers’s book sounds so interesting. I had to re-listen and chuckle along to the Swatch section of the podcast. My friends and I last week were playing a party game called Just One and the desired response was ‘Switzerland.’ We as a group debated using the term ‘Swatch’ as a clue for our 24 year friend to form a guess. It was good that we did not as he never heard of the Swatch Group nor of the past fame of the watches. How time flies!

    1. Brendan Dowd Avatar

      Thanks for listening (as always), Vanessa! I couldn’t agree more. Rebecca’s book is so sneaky how it takes something so big like time and makes it so accessible and interesting. The section on swatches in the book truly was like going back in time (and remembering how horrible 80s fashion was, but I digress).

      Also, that sounds like a fun party. Where was my invitation? 🙂

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