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We need to talk about Harry.

Quick synopsis:

The epic battle of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vs. the British Royal Family.

Fun Fact:

No one believed I would actually watch and review this, but I did it for you, dear nerds.

My Take on Harry & Meghan:

Now, since I come from Irish ancestry and am an American, you may think I am going to go on a diatribe about how terrible the royal family is. Yes, but not yet. Let’s start with Meghan Markle AKA the Duchess of Sussex. I think she was treated abominably, and race had a lot to do with it. I believe she suffered mental trauma through all of it because quite frankly anyone would when it feels like a whole country is against you. That said, she does come off somewhat disingenuous at times. She seems to be amazingly uninformed about things that you can easily google. If you make me choose, I am team Meghan all the way. That doesn’t mean I didn’t roll my eyes at her from time to time.

Now let’s talk about Harry. I thought this was a series to rehab Meghan’s image. I expected him to be window dressing. Instead, he comes off as the most level-headed, informed, and genuine. Harry mentions his mother’s death, but not as a sympathy tool. He talks like someone who has gone to therapy to deal with trauma and has come out the other side. He owns his own faults like wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party. Since I am trying to praise him right now, we are going to move on from that as fast as possible. It’s not like he liked the Nazis. He’s not his great uncle. (Sick history burn right there in case you missed it.)

Harry is not a raging husband who thinks his wife walks on water and should never be criticized. Instead, he draws the parallel between the treatment of Diana and Meghan. There is a lot of filler, but it was worth it to me when Harry makes it clear the royal family and the tabloid press are basically the same organism. His family didn’t like Meghan (wonder why?) and they put a target on her back.

Harry made me see just how toxic his family is. To call it a family might be too generous.

Is it too late to make him king?


I told you what you needed to know, but if you really want to watch, it will at least give you something to talk about. Watch it here!

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Harry & Meghan (Netflix)
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11 months ago

I knew you would. I won’t. Your review was the final straw. My biggest takeaway is that it comes across as too scripted and that’s not my cup of tea. I think that they have been treated poorly and I see the similarity to Diana but I’m ready to move on.

11 months ago

Insightful article!
Will I be watching this?
Yeah I guess. But I’m more excited for Harry’s book.

11 months ago

Very interesting! I’ve been wanting to watch this. I just really feel bad for Harry and how the royal family has treated both him and Meghan

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