Eric Jager on Getting The Last Duel Made Into a Movie

Oh, that’s right, I am letting a REAL writer take over today. Eric Jager is the author of The Last Duel, which became the movie, The Last Duel. He also wrote another book I highly recommend called Blood Royal, but I digress.

Eric is an amazing writer, a professor, and truly one of the most generous people with his time I have come across. Eric actually reached out to me initially to thank me for my review of his book. I nerded out hard as it was the first time an honest-to-God author reached out to me. Since then, Eric has answered a ton of my questions and continues to stay in touch. He’s one of the good ones and I can’t thank him enough.

So, today, take a look at this article (part 1 and 2 are linked below) he wrote about The Last Duel coming to the big screen. (FYI – it’s a great movie which got overlooked. Go watch it!) It’s a great article and people have told me they like hearing about this stuff.







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