Wework (Hulu)

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Wework:

Wework is the most insane basis for a cult ever.

Quick synopsis:

The story of Wework which was a real estate company and…cult?

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

This company reached a value of $47 billion at one point. For renting office space.  

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

The company, at one point, created what I can only call a commune where people lived and were encouraged not to socialize outside the group.

My Take on Wework:

Here is the thing with cult leaders. Often, you can at least see a glimpse of their charisma. If you have no charisma, you just can’t create a cult. People will not follow you.

Or so I thought. Adam Neumann is the co-founder of Wework. The documentary (multiple times) describes him as a strong speaker. I saw zero evidence of that throughout the show. In fact, he very much seemed like that one stoner friend who doesn’t realize he is so high he thinks he’s an alien and he just keeps talking.

People just kept giving him money. He kept throwing parties and talked about changing the world as we know it. Yes, I would like to remind you that his company just rented office space. Yes, they tried to make it more inclusive, but seriously, is there anything more annoying than being bugged while you are working? Now add in the fact that the dude next to you may not even work at your company. This sounds like hell, not heaven, to me.

Then again, I didn’t make a billion dollars. So who’s the idiot?


It is good, but it also feels like something is missing. If you like being enraged, go for it!

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