History Nerds United Podcast S1:E4 – James M. Scott

Pulitzer Prize finalist and author James M. Scott joins the podcast to talk about Rampage, his book on the World War II Battle of Manila. James explains his writing process, where he gets his ideas, the challenge in getting children to pay attention to history, and how to make the perfect gin and tonic. Hint: the secret is in his yard.

Make sure to check James out on his website: http://jamesmscott.com/.

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History Nerds United Podcast S1:E4 – James M. Scott
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Anna Ochoa
Anna Ochoa
1 year ago

Great podcast!
Totally worth listening to! Did not expect the secret ingredient to a great gin and tonic to be citrusy. Great mention of some of my favorite movies.
Looking forward to the your next podcast.
Happy New Year!

Vanessa Miller
Vanessa Miller
22 days ago

I’ve been catching up with your podcasts, Brendan. I really enjoyed this one. Thank you so much!

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