Musing: Why No Politics

I have been asked why I don’t delve into current politics. The world, and especially the U.S., seem to be filled with people taking very strong stances on literally everything. I can affirm this by looking at my Facebook feed.

My response is simple: history does it all for me.

Case in point, here’s the basic synopsis of Last Men Out by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin:

  • A group of U.S. Marines are the last U.S. service-members in a war-torn country where the U.S. is actively evacuating
  • Government personnel have a ridiculously rosy view of how the evacuation will happen
  • The occupying power is taking over the country with alarming speed and is surrounding the final U.S. troops
  • U.S. allies are part of a large contingent of people trying to get away from the occupying power that will definitely kill them
  • A large portion of these allies will be left behind
  • U.S. Marines are killed at the gate of an airport during the evacuation

You may ask, how did these authors write a book about Afghanistan so quickly? This all just happened.

Oh, that’s because this is a history book about the last days of the Vietnam War.

What is that saying about people who don’t know history? I forget.






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