Happy New Year (Almost!)

Well, how the hell do you sum up a year like this?

I got it! I’ll just plagiarize myself!

From last year: “All that being said, there was also amazing highs to balance the lows. My family and friends are more than I could ever ask for. A little website called History Nerds United started this year (and analytics say that more than just my mother actually comes here!). Now, I’ve interviewed honest to God authors who treated me with more kindness and patience than I could have expected and have others planned. Dealing with my PTSD is challenging at times but I’m fighting my PTSD and winning. And finally, I’m realizing I need to challenge myself more and I’m excited to find some new adventures.”

All of it is still true and I still mean it as much then as I do now. Probably even more so. This year was another exercise in perseverance for a lot of people. So be kind to yourself and others. Take care of your mental health. Wear a mask. Tell people how much they mean to you right after the ball (theoretically?) drops and continue to do it all year. Read my blog because, honestly what else do you have to do while sitting in your sweatpants?

Oh, and as for challenging myself? Well, I guess it’s time to get those podcasts out to you. Stop nagging. It’s unbecoming.

Happy New Year, Nerds!





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