(Un)well (Netflix)

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for (Un)well:

If you can’t have the Tiger King, have some Sasha Cobra.

Quick synopsis:

A TV series which looks at a different, ahem, medicinal alternative in each episode.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

I’ll just go ahead and list some of the alternative medical treatments in this series in order of sheer ridiculousness from low to high: bee venom, breast milk, tantric sex, and the old reliable of “No, it doesn’t cure cancer, you idiot” – essential oils.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Young Living is a massive multi-level marketing scheme (yes, scheme). It used to be called Young Life, but they had to change it when they almost killed someone.

My Take on (Un)well:

If you are coming down from the thrill of watching the nutjobs on Tiger King then I have your new binge!

(Un)well is a really interesting show because it really tries to see both sides of each subject it tackles. For instance, the first episode on essential oils follows a mother of an autistic child who uses essential oil scents to help her child sleep. That’s it. And it seems to work. She says it doesn’t cure anything, but it helps her family and Godspeed to them.

Then it cuts to an idiot saying orange extract (or something like that, I think I had an aneurysm as she talked) cured her brain cancer. The show won’t come straight out and say this is ridiculous, but it will follow up an idiot claim by putting on AN HONEST TO GOD DOCTOR, who will point out that no, it did not.

Each episode gives you someone you can relate to and then shows you how people will recklessly believe something dangerous is safe and does things that science says NOPE.

I won’t tell you anything about Sasha Cobra. Episode 2. You are welcome.


If you care at all about health, shysters, or like crazy people then this is for you. Watch it here!

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