Tiger King (Netflix)

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Tiger King:

It’s like white trash did a massive amount of meth and then had a baby. Then the baby did meth. 

Quick synopsis:

Chronicles the ups and downs of owning tigers and running a zoo. I am so underplaying this whole thing. It’s so bonkers.  

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

She did it. You don’t know what this means as of yet, but I assure you that you will know what I am talking about as soon as you see it. 

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Joe Exotic won 19% of the vote in the Libertarian primary for Oklahoma Governor! We thought such things only happened in Florida. 

My Take on Tiger King:

Joe Exotic owned a zoo. He had tigers. There are other people with tigers. All of these people are certifiably insane. 

One guy is definitely a cult leader with multiple wives. 

Limbs go missing in various ways. Old meat. I’m not even scratching the surface yet.

There is a woman who says she hates the other guys and wants to save the tigers. I assure you she is not the hero of this story. 

85% of the teeth in this documentary are missing. It’s a rough estimate. 

I don’t want to forget the bigamy which may be heavily tied to drug use.

There is murder. Lots of murder. Also, a presidential campaign.  

I don’t want to ruin anything. Stop reading. Go watch. And don’t start late at night. You won’t be able to stop until you are done. I made that mistake. I still don’t regret how I spend my time.


Just stick it in my veins! Glorious trash! Watch it here!

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