Presidents At War

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Presidents At War:

George H.W. Bush was a badass this whole time and we didn’t know it.

Quick synopsis:

A look at all the U.S. Presidents who served in WWII.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

George H.W. Bush was the youngest naval fighter pilot ever. And he volunteered for it. Even though it was the deadliest position in the armed forces.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Richard Nixon was always a conniver, even in WWII. While the story about him making money off his fellow soldiers probably wasn’t that bad, it just feels like it portends to him being a future mess.

My Take on Presidents At War:

This series can really be broken down into three tiers of presidents:

The “Real American Heroes” Division – Eisenhower, Kennedy, Bush

The “Served Their Country with Distinction but Not as Cool as the Real American Heroes” Division – Nixon, Reagan

The “They Were Actually in This Show? I Didn’t Notice” Division – Johnson, Carter, Ford

Seriously, Johnson got a Silver Star because he got on the right plane. I may remember his story, but he still goes in the bottom tier. I digress.

This show is very good to introduce you to all the presidents before they came to office. World War II allowed for some of them to truly distinguish themselves and per my rankings above, some did, and some didn’t. The stories come quick and fast with a lot of interesting tidbits.

Some of the presenters lay it on a little too thick for my taste, but it doesn’t ruin the show.


Good show that even non-history nerds will like. Watch it here!

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