Random Musing: Is BookBuddy the greatest app ever?

What’s this musing about: Is BookBuddy the greatest app ever? And yes, it is.

Disclaimer: Kimico who created the BookBuddy app did not pay for my endorsement, but I wish they had because I’m going full fanboy.

History nerds will be the first to tell anyone calling something the “greatest” is an exercise in futility. Greatness is usually a matter of opinion rather than fact. Unless we are talking about BookBuddy which is the greatest.

Let me take you back to the beginning. I was finally getting settled in life and got back into reading on a regular basis. My library was starting to grow (along with my wife’s questions about why I keep books I’ve already read). Suddenly, I ran into two very big problems. First, how can I keep track of all these books, especially since mom likes to borrow them and lose them? Second, what about the dreaded “repeat purchase” where a book has such a generic title you buy it twice not realizing you already own it? (This is where you, snarky reader, think, “yeah, your life is hard Brendan.” Thank you for recognizing my struggle.)

The solution to my problems, like an angel from heaven, was BookBuddy.

Not sure how many books you have? It tells you.

Oh no, I bought 5 books on an irresponsible binge. I don’t want to type those all in! BookBuddy lets you scan the barcodes!

I don’t want to have to scroll though a huge list. BookBuddy can show your books in multiple lists with multiple attributes!

I am very specific about what attributes I add to my apps. BookBuddy lets you do that too!

I hate paying for apps! It’s free. Well, kinda. After a certain number of books you need to pony up $4.99 or so but it’s worth it!

In conclusion, if you got a lot of books, you need this app. You’re welcome.





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