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  • Fear Is Just a Word by Azam Ahmed

    Fear Is Just a Word by Azam Ahmed

    Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Fear Is Just a Word: Don’t mess with Miriam Rodriguez. Quick synopsis: The story Miriam Rodriguez as she sets out to avenge the kidnapping and murder of her daughter. Fact for Non-History People: In 2011, Mexico registered nearly 28,000 murders. Fact for History Nerds: 95% of all homicides in Mexico are…

  • Narcotopia by Patrick Winn

    Narcotopia by Patrick Winn

    Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Narcotopia: Apparently, you can’t trust a spy agency. Quick synopsis: The story of the narco-state in Burma. Fact for Non-History People: This narco-state has a larger military than Sweden or Kenya. Fact for History Nerds: The Southeast Asia drug trade generates $60 billion each year in meth alone. My Take on…

  • Tripping on Utopia by Benjamin Breen

    Tripping on Utopia by Benjamin Breen

    Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for Tripping on Utopia: I’ll stick to beer, thanks. Quick synopsis: The people and science at the beginning of widespread drug experimentation. Fact for Non-History People: The CIA did experiments with LSD for mind control purposes. Fact for History Nerds: LSD was first synthesized by Swiss scientists in the 1930s. My Take…