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  • There Is No Ethan by Anna Akbari

    There Is No Ethan by Anna Akbari

    Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for There Is No Ethan: This is a “read in one sitting” book. Quick synopsis: The bonkers story of a catfish and the women who brought them down. Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like: There was a guy on OkCupid called the “Swiss Cheese Pervert” and he’s exactly what you think he…

  • Random Musing: On Dating

    Random Musing: On Dating

    What’s this musing about: Dating used to be a lot less complicated. I got separated recently (sad trombone music). It is a traumatic experience for a lot of reasons. The one I’m currently tackling which is a bit overwhelming is…. dating again. What does this have to do with history? This is a history blog…