Episode 5 is Up! Tobey and Matthew Pearl join the podcast!

Two for one episode for you, nerds! Husband and wife team Matthew and Tobey Pearl join the podcast to discuss mansplaining, how to balance being an author and parent, and their new books (Tobey – Terror to the Wicked and Matthew – The Taking of Jemima Boone)!

Make sure to check out their websites:
Tobey – https://www.tobeypearl.com/
Matthew – http://www.matthewpearl.com/

Don’t forget to buy their books too. Use the links below to get a great read and support the podcast. Thanks in advance, nerds!

Terror to the Wicked

The Taking of Jemima Boone

History Nerds United Podcast S1:E4 – James M. Scott

Pulitzer Prize finalist and author James M. Scott joins the podcast to talk about Rampage, his book on the World War II Battle of Manila. James explains his writing process, where he gets his ideas, the challenge in getting children to pay attention to history, and how to make the perfect gin and tonic. Hint: the secret is in his yard.

Make sure to check James out on his website: http://jamesmscott.com/.

History Nerds United Podcast S1:E2 – Buddy Levy

Bestselling author Buddy Levy joins the podcast to talk about how he balances being an author while also being a college professor, TV host, and anything else that pops up. We talk about his books Labyrinth of Ice, Conquistador, and River of Darkness. We also delve into quarantine TV watching!

Make sure to subscribe and also check out Buddy’s website at https://www.buddylevy.com/index.html.

History Nerds United Podcast Episode 1 is Available!

Two years ago, I started the seemingly impossible task of creating a podcast. Today, (I’ll be damned), I did it!

I interview New York Times bestselling writer Kate Moore and talk her two non-fiction releases, The Radium Girls and The Woman They Could Not Silence. 

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