Brendan’s Alternate Tagline:

She’s bad because of the crime, not the veganism. Allegedly.

Quick synopsis:

The story of how vegan restaurateur Sarma Melngailis became a fugitive.

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

Once again, I need to say this. If someone tells you they are a spy or in some sort of black ops, then they are definitely not any of those things.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Melngalis’ restaurant was taking in $7 million a year at its peak. Yes, $7 million for plants.

My Take:

I feel like a lot of this was left out. Ever finish a documentary and think, “I still have a lot of questions.” This is one of those.

It’s a tale old as time. Very successful vegan restaurant owner falls for fake spy-type dude whose story never makes any sense. He slowly takes over her life with promises of… hell I am not even sure. Is it an afterlife?

Sarma Melngailis is actually in the documentary explaining herself. Except, by the end, she still really hadn’t. She taped calls with her conman husband Anthony Strangis and they make no sense. Melngailis often sounds like she already knows Strangis is full of it and challenges him often, but ultimately still goes on the run. It feels like this was all rushed to get out on the airwaves instead of giving this story the deep dive it needed.


It’s a good binge watch but not the best one out there. Watch it here!

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