The Movies That Made Us (Netflix)

Brendan’s Alternate Tagline for The Movies That Made Us:

12-year-old Brendan was so psyched for this!

Quick synopsis:

Mini-documentaries on some of your favorite movies…and Dirty Dancing (I kid, ladies).

Fun Fact Non-History People Will Like:

Home Alone was nearly cancelled when it almost completely finished.

Fun Fact for History Nerds:

Dan Aykroyd’s family is really into the occult and that’s how we got Ghostbusters.

My Take on The Movies That Made Us:

I don’t care too much about movie making because I like to just see what gets put up on the screen and just enjoy the ride. I know some people want to see the artistry and the camera angles and what not, but I like to see stuff blow up without thinking too hard. Oh, and really fancy dramas…those too.

However, it was really hard not to love this series of documentaries. I even watched the Dirty Dancing one! No, I didn’t have the time of my life, shut up. It was good though.

These documentaries take you through the whole process of the four movies they cover. Literally, from who wrote it (and often rewrote it) all the way through to when people thought the movies would bomb. As you may guess, these movies are in this show because they didn’t.

These are more than just a nostalgia trip. Go ahead and watch.


Go ahead. You’ll have a great time. Watch it here!

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