Random Musing: On Dating

What’s this musing about: Dating used to be a lot less complicated.

I got separated recently (sad trombone music). It is a traumatic experience for a lot of reasons. The one I’m currently tackling which is a bit overwhelming is…. dating again.

What does this have to do with history? This is a history blog isn’t it? I will tell you how this ties in, dear reader! I want to go back in history and try dating because it is freaking ridiculous right now.

There are a million applications (“apps” for you youngins). They range from apps which are very broad like Tinder to apps which are very specific like Farmers Only, J Date, Christian Mingle, and one that caters to people who like books. Did I look into that one? You bet I did. It was weird and I refuse to discuss it any further.

Which brings me to my (history) point. Can we pleas rewind time? In my 20s, you had Match and eHarmony. That’s it! Not only that, the English language was not turned into a bunch of acronyms. I consider myself an intelligent person (stop laughing) and I have no idea what anyone is saying.

In fact, let’s just rewind a few hundred years. All I’d have to do is live into my early teens and someone else would tell me who to marry. We’d have 47 kids and get on with our lives. Which were usually pretty short and brutal.

Yeah, let’s only rewind to the 2000s. I think that’s the sweet spot.

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Random Musing: On Dating
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