Rant: People Who Need to Read a Damn Book

What’s this about: Here are the following groups of people who drive me nuts and need to go read a damn book about the subject they claim to understand:

  1. People who compare things to how Nazi Germany started. This is never an apt comparison.
  2. Conversely, racists. You suck.
  3. People who say the electoral college is an outdated model and we live in a democracy. No, it is not and no, we do not.
  4. People who proclaim something, “is the worst we have ever seen.” This is very rarely correct. This is why most newscasters have to add a litany of qualifications before using this phrase. Example: This is the worst thunderstorm we have seen on a Thursday with a high of 75 degrees in Akron, Ohio since the year 2015.
  5. Anti-vaxxers. To be clear, read a book that is scientifically accurate and not made up. Polio was not cool. Ask FDR.
  6. People who say this is the worst our American politics have ever been. We fought a Civil War!

End rant. Although, I reserve the right to add to this list.

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Rant: People Who Need to Read a Damn Book
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