Random Musing: On Drinking

What’s this musing about: Humans have been getting drunk for a really long time.

I’m writing this on a Sunday after a lot of football and maybe more than one Sam Adams Octoberfests (buzzed writing is pretty sweet). As is my wont, I began thinking about a history nugget I had read recently. It mentioned how during colonial times in America most people drank alcohol exclusively. You see, water was considered unsafe because straight water often contained a lot of bad things which they didn’t understand. Think about how many people died of diphtheria in Oregon Trail!

Think about it. Good old George Washington giving a world changing speech before an epic battle. He probably had rum on his breath. And yes, it was probably rum. The irony of course was that drinking constantly was condoned but don’t you dare get drunk! Then they would judge you. See, Americans have been sanctimonious for years.

But of course, drinking didn’t start with America (but we rock at it, HIGH FIVE). The first wine was probably made about 9,000 years ago in China. Alexander the Great was a huge drunk. Jesus was obviously a fan and knew weddings needed wine to be fun. The list goes on and on.

In conclusion, drink responsibly and know that you are carrying on a long standing human tradition. And for goodness sake get a damn Uber if you end up drunk.

Don’t believe what I am telling you? First off, that’s rude. Why would I lie? Second, why come to the site if you think I’m a liar. Finally, here’s where I get my facts from since you lack trust.



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Random Musing: On Drinking
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