Wolves at the Door

And now for something completely different. Yes, I wrote a poem. Skip this article if that bothers you. I was inspired by Stalingrad written by Antony Beevor. Towards the end, you start to feel the helplessness of the German soldiers as they know the inevitable red crush is coming. I turned that feeling into an acrostic poem (Stalingrad is spelled out with the first letter of each line). I hope you enjoy it.

Wolves at the Door

Sons of the Eagle down to their last morsel

Terrified and exhausted from the fight

Alive in nothing but frozen soul and spirit

Lying within their cold encrusted tombs

Iced to the ground, like trees long dead

No longer understanding why they came

Gone from their families, lost and alone

Round and round the circle has closed

And it all comes down to this, a final push

Die in the snow soldier, and know not why

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Wolves at the Door
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